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Taeyeon Kim – ULIM

Ulim – sound of Korea

Ulim is an electric version of korean traditional instrument ‘Haegeum’. People who love music are getting easier to play music because many instruments around the world are digitalizationed. But the digitalization of korean instruments are tardier than others. It’s because the shape and sound of korean instruments are very unique to foreigners. I designed Ulim to promote the good sound and shape of korean instruments. It has not only the feeling of simple and modern product, but also the spirit of original haegeum.


Haegeum – the most beautiful korean instrument

Haegeum is wonderful instrument and it has unique sound. In addition, it has perfect proportion and beauty of sculpture as a product. It is a chordophones which is similar with violin, the western instrument. But it has only 2 strings in main body, so the player have to pull it by using left hand and play with the bow with another hand.


Tuning the balance between traditional and modern

Ulim is a project about redesigning korean traditional instrument into a modern product. So i tried hard to find the balance between traditional and modern.


Rechargeable stand

Ulim can be easily rechareged by laying down on the stand which is including wireless recharge technology.


Eidetic interface

As placing the volume button on the surface of main body where player’s eyes are on when playing, I made it easier to deal with this product. Also, this position is linked with the strings which make sound actually. Sound has something to do with the volume directly.


Metaphor from the ‘TAEGEUK’ pattern

Main body makes sound like speaker. The holes where sound comes out looks like ‘TAEGEUK GI’ which is national flag of Korea.


Delicate details

First impression of the product is simple and chic just like any other products. Feeling of Korea that can be lacking is filled in delicate details.


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