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The Barisieur: Designer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock – Kickstarter

A beautifully designed alarm clock in high-end materials, waking you with freshly brewed coffee or tea.

The morning alarm, a necessary evil, anything but an enjoyable start to the day. The Barisieur is here to change that.


The Barisieur combines our most common morning stimuli, the alarm clock and caffeine, expressing them in an exquisite example of urban design. A marriage of imagination and innovation, the Barisieur is enabled by bespoke technology, and built with exceptional materials like sustainably sourced walnut, designed to age beautifully.

The Barisieur’s role in your perfect morning begins the night before. The preparation helps ensure relaxation through ritual, encouraging a restful night. When morning comes, the fragrant aroma of coffee brewing and the gentle bubbling of the water will gradually awaken you, gently stimulating your senses and leaving you refreshed to face the new day. You can set the coffee to brew before, after or during your alarm call, and the elegant design is as at home on your desk as it is the bedside table.


It’s been a long journey for Barisieur creator Josh Renouf since his design first hit the news in 2014. Months spent in the studio, fuelled by many cups of coffee, developing the bespoke heating element and refining the design. As Josh says, “We have worked continuously to refine the design, for the perfect quality product, and now here it is.”

With a long list of excited urban design & coffee connoisseurs eager to get their hands on one, expect to see much more spring in the steps of your fellow commuters very soon.

How It Works:


  • Before going to bed fill the glass boiling vessel with enough water for your chosen morning drink. The Barisieur is equally at home with tea as coffee

  • Securely place the bung in the top of the boiling vessel

  • If you take milk with your drink you can also fill the specially designed milk vessel. The Peltier cooler ensures that the milk is kept fresh overnight.

  • Add your choice of caffeine hit – spoon the freshly ground coffee or tea into the filter from the storage compartment

  • Set your alarm time, and the brew time for your drink – before, at the alarm, or after

  • Wake up to the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea

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