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Thync today launched the first consumer wearable that enables you to shift mental states in minutes; feeling more calm or energized when you need it most. Revealed for the first time, the sleek and simple wearable is placed on the head and designed for lifestyle use at home, work, or while commuting. The neurosignaling device is operated with an accompanying app to deliver Thync Vibes, which help you achieve calm or increase your energy level.


“Our mission at Thync is to ‘unlimit’ people. Thync brings together innovations in neuroscience and engineering so you can access your own abilities,” said Isy Goldwasser, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Thync. “Our product will help many people improve and enjoy their life more.”


At Home, Work or School, Vibes Enhance Daily Life Thync Vibes help you smoothly and quickly transition from one mental state to another with comfort and ease. Thync users have described the chemical-free effects to be similar to a “shot of an espresso” or a “glass of wine”. The immediate effects can last from 30 minutes to an hour, with the carry-over impacts lasting several hours. 


“When I was self-managing my energy, I was peaking and crashing during the day,” said Christian Hoffman, a creative director and senior designer. “While using Thync, I was able to get a steady amount of work done and keep my mind really lasered in on what I needed to do, which lowered my frustration and made me more productive. That in itself is a simple way to be a little more happy and satisfied.”


Thync Vibes have been sampled in various real world scenarios, allowing users to gain a boost of motivation or energy before going to the gym or studying for college examinations, and to dampen stress prior to first dates, public speaking events or even holiday seasons.


“Thync helped me fall asleep and calm down from the high stress levels I have to deal with at work,” said Kristin Cole, an ER technician. “Typically I wake up quite often in the middle of the night, but after using the Calm Vibe, I woke up less, felt like a better person, was in a better mood, and had much more energy during the day.”


Thync is lightweight and portable, so it can be used at various times throughout the day, allowing you to ramp up your energy or calm your mind in minutes.


“Sometimes I lay in bed for two or even three hours unable to go to sleep regardless of whether I have had caffeine or not. My mind is racing and I go from thought to thought. It makes it hard to fall asleep. But when using the Calm Vibe, it helped to get rid of all those thoughts and I felt like my brain was more at a resting state,” said Alex Bardasu, a student.


Science Says Thync Vibes Can Safely Reduce Stress Based upon decades of research from neuroscientists and engineers from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Arizona State University, Thync’s proprietary technology relies on low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, allowing users to dial up or dial down their stress responses and energy levels.


Thync’s safety is supported by more than 40 years of electrical stimulation product use and has been tested and validated on thousands of people in labs and real world scenarios. In some of these studies, Thync has shown its neurosignaling can reduce the brain’s response to stress in a chemical-free manner, providing a safe alternative with no side effects to chemicals, caffeine or other stimulants. The study showed that using Thync’s Vibes resulted in significant reduction of physiological and psychological stress, with 97 percent of the subjects stating the effects induced greater relaxation than a placebo treatment.


“Today’s fast-paced life requires us to switch situations and change mindsets at increasing speed. Thync helps people find calm and focus throughout your day,” said Jamie Tyler, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Thync. “Thync is the result of groundbreaking research at some of the best academic institutions, combined with cutting-edge engineering that leverages patented algorithms. This has culminated in today’s launch of a device that, for the first time, lets you safely tap into the power of your own mind.”



Based on its intended use in lifestyle applications, the FDA exempted the Thync System from medical device regulations requiring pre-market notification (clearance) or approval. Nonetheless, Thync maintains compliance with international safety standards and consumer product guidelines. Thync technology employs low energy levels and has been independently tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory, which adheres to global standards for testing and validating many consumer products.

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