Viktor Puzur – BEEDISK (Airbus)

Diskoplan aircraft drone designed for irrigation. The aircraft is in the form of single, to reduce flight speed of 80 km / h and it has a minimum wing area .
— A large vertical tail stabilizes the course keeping ability in horizontal flight.
— The Aircraft is proposed disk-shaped in order to maximize the wing area relatively low weight and possibility of efficient scheduling.
— Formation of the aircraft form is determined by two aerodynamic logical ways.
— Contour line is formed by conventional aerodynamic nature of the airplane wing cross-section.
— Contour line is formed by the functional volume of the storage compartment of transported products.
— Operation up and down is carried out by the rotation frequency of the front and rear pair of horizontal screws.
— “ Left- right” control is executed with the help of four asynchronous reversible motors.
— When cruise level flight only two vertical screws work, 4 horizontal screws accumulate charge batteries in a free-wheeling.
— Braking is carried out by reverse thrust of side screws.
— All the screws are in the wells in order to increase efficiency.
— For comfortable use the storage compartment is completely removable.  — Modular storage can implement different functions: transportation of different items, medicines, chemicals for field irrigation.
— I decided to use a battery up to262 Wh/kg
— Dimensions: 2200x1170x550h
—. There is ability to generate energy in screws which are located in the horizontal plane (for longer flight)
during the horizontal flight.
— During vertical flight the side screws work as tilt rotors.
— For safety control the path following is regulated by GPS navigator.