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About VINAYA “At VINAYA, our aim is to better understand the relationship between humans and technology. Rooting ourselves in human-centered research, we create lifestyle products that strategically enhance wellbeing in the modern age.”


ZENTA tracks metrics such as your fitness, activity, sleep and breathing, as well as less tangible metrics such as stress, happiness and your overall mood. Most of us suffer from stress, forget to focus on what makes us happy, and find there are not enough hours in the day. Often, we don’t know where to begin and feel we’re not in control.

This is why we created ZENTA: a cutting-edge wearable with built-in biometric sensors that can help you better understand the patterns in your emotional, behavioral and physical wellbeing. Imagine a stunningly designed accessory that helps you become the best version of yourself, everyday. ZENTA does everything that the standard fitness tracker does, plus much more. With its rich set of features and advanced sensing technology, ZENTA puts your emotional wellbeing first by adding valuable context to your data:

  • Sophisticated body and mind tracking to enhance your emotional intelligence.
  • Seamless discovery of stress-inducing triggers in your environment.
  • Personalized prompts to help build better habits. 
  • Filtered smartphone alerts to help you focus on what matters. 
  • Interactive touch sensors to help you sync with your body– feel your heartbeat through the wearable in real time!
  • Emoticons 2.0: share your emotional state through visual representations 

As experts in the wearable technology space, we want to help you lead a more emotionally aware and stress-free life. Every body and mind is unique. Only youknow when you are experiencing joy, sorrow or stress. … [INDIEGOGO]

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