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Vitaliy Tarasov – Evapolar – evaWAVE

Meet evaWAVE – the world’s most advanced evaporative humidifier and aroma diffuser by Evapolar. evaWAVE perfectly combines the efficiency of the most powerful ultrasonic humidifiers and the benefits of the evaporative ones. Stylish LED lights, Aroma Essentials and Sound Collections make evaWAVE the best way to enjoy your every breath. On top of this, the device integrates with your Smart Home platform and can be controlled via the Evapolar mobile app.
There is a constant struggle between ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers. Both types have pros and cons. Ultrasonic devices are powerful, however they leave pools around and white dust on the surfaces. Evaporative ones give more natural humidification but their evaporatie pads are organic what leads to bacteria growth.
evaWAVE combines the best features of both types, what makes it simply the best humidifying solution.



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