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Vivek Prakash Bangalore, Jaymin panchasara, Fifth Column – Hat Lamp

The minimalist Hat lamp was conceived as a derivative of a task lamp with the feature of adaptability, floating over the table allowing the user to use the workplace with no hindrance. This idea creates a hybrid of a table lamp and a Suspended task lamp. The lamp consists of a structural wooden member with individual folded Mild steel fins with embedded OLED panels. The fins emits an extremely even light distribution that ensure the color and intensity of light closely replicates daylight. This enhances human well-being and supports productive work. The Structural wooden member compliments the overall form by giving a warm and humble nature to the lamp and breaking the monotony of the fast corporate realm.Thin metal fins are magnetically installed over the wooden member creating a magical joinery detail. The metal drop rod ensures the lamp’s structural stability, also assisting the overall form to achieve simplicity at the same time gaining the user’s confidence to interact. Soft hand movement can easily change the light source position along the axis of wooden member.The lamp was designed on the idea of Light sharing which commences a conversation between the users, simultaneously not compromising over the quality of the light and guarantees total practicality making it a flexible, functional yet highly personalized product. The Lamp can be connected wirelessly to any personalized gadgets allowing the user to efficiently use the lamp. In a scenario where a user needs only one fin to be lit on the work-space, this feature can be very efficient for Energy saving.

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