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Internship project PEUGEOT PIANO was created at Centre technique PSA de Vélizy during full time Internship from September 2018 – March 2019. The main aim of Internship at Peugeot Design was set to finding revolutionary approach of interactions between user and futuristic vehicle. During the research process were found some solutions in architecture of conceptual vehicles which include main addition INTERIOR / EXTERIOR merge. Main feature of those concept is directly visible changes in shaping of volumes during when user interacts with vehicle. We can see how reshape of interior influences on exterior form and contrariwise.


Vladimir CHEPUSHTANOV Russia,
Yekaterinburg, USUAA

What do we feel when see on the piano? We see the perfect object of industrial design, because it’s not only musician instrument it’s poetry which causes desire to open the cover and create your own symphony. But we can’t value the natural beauty of piano till the moment when somebody starts to playing on it and then we could hear the unique melody which will show us whole sequence interaction of the visual and emotional components. In this moment we are witnessing how human becomes the last element of symphony.

The base of PINAO CONCEPT is using of Adaptive lamellas. Main idea of Adaptive lamellas inspired by piano-strings which are responsible for their unique songs and note. Lamellas are base of PIANO interior and when user sits into vehicle each lamella fits by user’s body profile. Adaptive interior/exterior lamellas-stripes «piano» make opportunity to seeing the unique shape of vehicle each time while user seats and using vehicle on different modes stripes have three modes of using: aerodynamic, parking and autonomous modes. For moving «Piano» concept uses magnetic levitation tech. there are four facilities for making floating effect and effect is reached by resonans of electromagnetic potentialюduring the driving users can change electric potential of facilities and vary positions of motion’s heigh and speed.


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