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Wo Mierzwa – Kobuz

Evolving our philosophy of pure sculpture fused with function. Unique piece of furniture whereretro is harmonising with futuristic aesthetics. Where cold beats warmth.The first impression – eccentricity. Technical aluminium sheet, treated by numerical machines,succeeded in giving sculture-like and body appearance. Linearly-looking aluminum edges andcasted shadows give a dynamic form. Coated with powder to ensure durability. The support forthis extraordinary structure is solid wood. Only one fulcrum in the rear part is sufficient. Solidhandcarved wooden pilar is a unique decoration and construction at the same time. The nameKobuz comes from small bird of prey (Falco subbuteo). Nature is full of inspiration.Aluminium & Oak + Aluminium & BeechLimited edition.
Design: Wo Mierzwa
Manufacturer: Metafor
Photography: Marcin Borunboardboardboardboard

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