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XIA KAI – Rokid Glass II

Engineered Specifically for Multi-Use Scenarios.
Foldable, monocular Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Rokid Glass 2 offers a lightweight design, high-resolution display and superior performance on a variety of tasks. Hands-free voice control interface and robust extensions for use with existing mobile devices make it extremely versatile. Rokid Glass 2 continues to gain adoption throughout the manufacturing, logistics, exhibition, healthcare and education markets.
ROKID glass 2 has a stylish design, looks similar to ordinary glasses, and weighs only 90 grams, making it the lightest and smallest optical waveguide AR glasses on the market, Rokid Glass 2 now can be folded and put away just like a pair of ordinary glasses, and it allows comfort even in the case of continuous wearing for several hours.


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