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xoio GmbH – Mobuno– Urban Mobility Concept

Mobuno is a design study done by xoio and IUM ( Institute of Urban Mobility), which is showing an attractive yet fully realistic concept of mobility represented by a friendly car-concept. The basic design idea was to merge the best features of current alternatives of transportation into one, made possible by autonomous driving and optional carsharing.

To start off, Mobuno can easily be privately booked like any taxi you know these days. Mobile communication devices as we know them already today allow us to communicate with the Mobuno network and the unit itself. The current design allows up to 4 persons to use a mobuno unit simultaneously. If you don’t mind sharing your ride with other people, it can be switched to shared mode and the Mobuno unit will act more like a bus smartly reacting to requests from other users while en route. Obviously users consequently will benefit from lower costs. But how about going with several friends to the countryside? Or how about taking a bunch of kids to the public bath? No problem with Mobuno. Just book how many people will be going along and the smart network will provide as many units as required. Even better: Smart platooning will further increase effectiveness by teaming up the units in a energy efficient queue with lower air friction. This is when Mobuno takes the best of trains and busses. Obviously Mobuno does not require any special streets – it simply integrates into current road standards, to easen transition into new systems.


Autonomous Driving enables us to make much better use of parking areas. Mobuno units can squeeze tightly together and will rearrange smoothly as soon as units are required. Since the units communicate and interact with each other this is easily done. Space for human access is only required as soon as they left the storage area. Additionally storage spaces can be equipped with minimal requirements concerning light or other human factors. The “Institute of Urban Mobility“, led by our partner Dr. Ing. Tim Lehmann has come to the result that Mobuno would require less than 5 percent of the current amount of vehicles to provide the same degree of mobility. It’s easy to imagine how spacious our cities could become. We thank Dr. Lehmann for this inspiring cooperation and hope that we could provide our part to incite some ideas future mobility could look.


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