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Yang Cai – Dreaming

6 The whole idea is surrealism. The package comes from Freud’s theory of the subconscious and human nature.  The package based on Freud’s explanation about the level of dreaming and the relationship between “ID”,”EGO”and”SUPEREGO”. The result is:  “ID” is the whole vehicle.  “EGO” is the driver . “SUPEREGO” is the passenger.  When I dreaming, everything have no color or scale. Also I can’t feel the material.Which means: the “vehicle” is actually a sculpture in the dream(the hole on the wheels indicated it ),It looks like a car but can’t touch and feel it.That’s why after it changed into another material–cloth, The cloth “vehicle” is exactly the same design as the sculpture,and it is wearable.The design language is trying to bring the origin “French curve” back into french brand.So people can see the whole design feels flow and soft, but full of tension.From one perspective it can show more levels of design, which represent different layers of dreaming.

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