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Yaroslav Misonzhnikov – Katerina

Yaroslav Misonzhnikov took part in an unique project: the aim of the project was the reincarnation of folk crafts. Five Russian designers started a collaboration with five Russian manufactories specialized in Khokhloma painting, Gzhel ceramics, Zhostovo painted metal and Vologda lace, famous all over the World as symbols of Russian Folk Art. Misonzhnikov developed Katerina, a collection of folding fan made with Vologda laces, mirror and a comb. To start, he visited the lace manufactory in Vologda and learned the traditional technique of lace making.Lace pattern was based on an existing traditional element and combined with a minimalistic fan shape. By using thread of different thicknesses the gradient effect was achieved. «My collection was called Katerina and dedicated to my granny, who lived in Vologda. When I was a little boy she used to tell me stories about her home there, a big Russian izba, and about her mum, who was always making laces» explains Yaroslav Misonzhnikov.

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