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yasunori morinaga – moove

What It Does

Moove is an ergonomic chair that offers low-key yet highly considered design and comfort throughout the workday.

The Inspiration

“I was inspired to create an affordable adaptation of the LimbIC Chair® invented by medical doctor and neuroscientist Patrik A. Künzler in Zürich. The Limbic Chair is the first chair that provides not only physical comfort, but it also helps our brain perform better while sitting for a long time. Guided by the same principals and an interest in comfort, I saw an opportunity to instill the warmth and familiarity of domestic furniture.”

How It Works

Moove is designed with accessibility and comfort in mind. It is a good seating option for people who are seated for long periods of time. Like other chairs, it is comfortable, but additionally the divided seats allow each thigh to move individually. Plywood seats are an affordable production choice. A small hip-rest at the base of the seat gives safety to the user. A Backrest and armrest support the body when shifting position or moving on the chair. The backrest and armrest are familiar ergonomic features. Other details, like the slender handle enables precise control when raising and lowering the seats. The base is integrated in the stem, creating a fluid shape.

Stages of Development

My first step was to understand the mechanisms of LimbIC Chair in order to simplify it. After testing several materials, I decided to use plywood for the seat because it is more affordable in production, and it looks more comfortable (LimbIC Chair has custom carbon made seat).

In the second step, I altered some of the original functions that I felt were blocking comfort and safety. I kept the rubber buffers that provide the tilting and the sideway movements, which gives an easy gliding feeling for the user. Each detail was tested on the functional mockups build in 1:1. The shape of plywood seat was tested with a sheet of aluminum to be defined before making a mould.

The final step was to figure out how to mount the backrest as simply as possible and make it durable at the same time. Working in full scale with the material gave me a quick results and fast improvements throughout the project.


Unlike other ergonomic chairs, Moove looks more familiar and yet accessible for the user. It brings a unique perspective in the furniture world informed by the neuroscience and medical science fields. It is comfortable and easily fits in a domestic or work environment.

Future Plans

This is the first prototype I am going to present to Dr. Künzler. I am looking forward to see his reaction. I hope we can develop the chair further, and identify a plan for larger distribution.

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