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Yong Jeong – ONE Calendar

Perpetual Calendar 


Material : ABS, Magnet

Size : W300, D17, H300

The sun, moon, and earth attract and rotate around each other as if they are one being and create our today. 

I tried to express their relationship into a shape instead of a calendar that simply expresses the phenomenon with letters or numbers on paper.  ONE Calendar is a table calendar composed with 3 rings with magnets inside. 

The biggest ring signifies the sun that rises and sets every day and is made up into 31 days, 

and the medium-sized ring represents the sun that rotates the earth for a month and is organized into 12 months. The smallest ring represents human. The place that these three rings interlock with each other signifies today, and magnets inside the numbers fix each other with magnetism. It can be used in various places where magnets can be attached as a refrigerator or table according to the users’ personal preferences.

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