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Yong-woo Park, kim gyua – pivs

Portable and intelligent transfusion device maintaining the temperature as well as identifying the amount and speed of infusion solution and showing the numbers by replacing traditional gravity infusion solution into stepping motor.

Typical infusion solution method uses the gravity of liquid, so the amount of injection is not constant, and when the liquid is being injected,movement of the patient is limited. Especially, on the outside, battlefield and other emergency cases, there are lots of cases where there isno IV holder. In this case, one person should hold the container of the liquid on higher place. It is inconvenient, wastes human resource and even influences on the treatment. Also, in the method using gravity, it is highly likely to flow in outside air, so that it may contaminate the medical fluid.In addition, as an appliance for treatment, stepping motor makes the temperature of the fluid adjustable, so that it can improve the health of the patient and enhance treatment effect. Actually, when Ringer’s solution with much lower temperature than body temperature is used, the injected site can be easily solidified or the patient complains of the pain. That is, the fluid with low temperature may decrease the patient’s resistance and bring contraction of blood vessel.To solve this problem, we suggest portable and intelligent transfusion device, replacing traditional gravity infusion solution into pressurizing method with stepping motor, which can maintain the temperature as well as exactly identifying the amount and speed of infusion solution and showing the numbers.


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