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young gyu kwon – Sound.B

Sound goes beyond video.

The biggest feature of ‘Sound.B’ is that the initiative of TV and AUDIO is reversed.

Until now, AUDIO has assisted TV, but it seems that some users need to change focus.


Add video to sound

I added a beam project to a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar. The user can use the image only when necessary, and nothing remains on the wall after the image is turned off. This means that you no longer need to tolerate the black, blank screen of TV, which took up a lot of time and space on the wall.


Reasonable form design

The product ratio is based on a widescreen ratio(1920 * 1080), so that it looks the same as the monitor screen when the beam project is activated. “Sound.B” has an endeavor to provide users with the best functionality and detail.


Adjust sound and video

The angle of the screen and the volume control are operated by the rotary buttons, providing a distinctive feeling.


Pollution prevention

If you do not use the video function for a long time, you can prevent contamination by using the plate.


Four legs design

Using four separate legs provided as separate attachments, it can be used anywhere on the floor and shelf.

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