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Young Jo In – SPH Smart Prosthetic Hand

This design resolves the physical problem that occurs when an individual with an artificial hand encounters when they use Smart Devices.

I was inspired by a user with a prosthetic arm in an interview who had no trouble using electronic devices except for the touch-based keyboards on a smartphone of which he used his toes instead. If one touches the smartphone screen with an artificial finger, the screen does not recognize the signal very well, and making any detailed control is extremely difficult. People occasionally drop their phones even with their real hands, but existing artificial arms only implement 60~80% of the function of the natural hand, which means if one grabs the phone with the prosthetic hand and touch the screen with other, the risk of drop increases.


How It Works


Tips of all fingers are made of silicone, and the inside of the finger is manufactured with aluminum and copper. As standby power of the device moves to the fingertips, static electricity is generated, and the capacitive touch is enabled through the silicone tips. All fingers of the user are recognized by the capacitive touch screen. The screen of the display attached to the prosthetic hand rotates digitally, and the user can view an upright screen from any directions. The display is made in a circular shape for convenient rotation. It is specialized for smart devices which people today frequently use.


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