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Zeynep Basay, Cem hasimi – MINIMAL MAMMAL

Minimal Mammal is a luxury brand with high-end product line for small animals like ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and hedgehogs.
Products are tents, leashes, collars and harnesses made by professional furniture designers who are ferret experts. They are durable and washable. Tents are collapsible. As ferrets need 18+ hours of sleep in darkness per day, they are made out of black-out material to create a dark sleeping space, which is important to ferret’s hormonal health. The fur is made from faux rabbit and makes a bit of an instinctual nest.
As the tone of brand is mysterious, luxurious and as it emphasizes a sophisticated fantasy world, we designed unique packagings with a minimal touch of foil and illustration on the outside. However, the inside of the packagings keeps the secrets of this wonderland and once opened, it reveals the fairy tale with a huge gold rose foiling, aiming to turn the real world into a fantasy with a mirror effect.

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