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ZJ-DDG 陈志刚 – D-Mask

With the development of marine tourism industry underwater diving has become a popular explosive sport. Diving is a sport pretty much relying on devices and diving mask is one of the key devices. People started to us glasses as diving mask since 1924 and it has been out of date to use such physical devise for explosion in such an information age. D-Mask intelligent diving mask is going to bring up a new diving experience. The product is designed as a full face mask with 180°seamless view. It has humanized operation panel and well-chose application program. While under the water the diver can learn the depth, water pressure and weather status etc. The diver can use suitable device for snorkeling or take oxygen bottle for scuba diving. The coordinates can be set before diving so the diving can return to the starting spot with the guidance of the device, it can solve the problem of getting lost. When there’s bad weather which causes a bad view under water the device can start the lighting function, this could also be helpful for SOS. The product is equipped with bone conduction radio system, which can save the trouble of gesture language . Diver can also enjoy beautiful music while appreciating the marvelous nature. When good scenery is found under water, diver can start camera mode to take a picture. An APP can be downloaded in mobile to set music playlist or export pictures.

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