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Bubble Beehive

Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems.
The reason why bees are so important is not for the honey they produce
but for the essential free work of pollination they provide us. A third of
all our food depends on their pollination.
In the last decades beekeepers have observed the mysterious and
sudden disappearance of bees in Europe – specially France, Belgium,
Swiss, Germany, United Kindom, Norway, Italy, Spain – and Nord America.
25% of bee colonny in Europe and 40% in United States are already
If these precious insects disappear the consequences on food production
would be devastating. But not only that: without bees there will be less
flowers, less crops, less animals. Can you imagine a world without bees?
That’s why we believe we’re part of something bigger than us, that for
every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We can choose to do
something about it, defying our fears to give birth to something bigger
that’s worth talking about, and that has the power to change the course of
history. Be part of the change!

Bubble beehive project begins as an undergraduate university project by
industrial designers Ada Bisziok and Nicolò Donna at the Free Academy
of Fine Arts in Brescia (LABA). Our vice director, during the design course
chaired by professor Marco Ribola, showed us the amazing bee world and
how important these little insects are for us.
Since the beginning, the project became more than an assignment. As we
enter this new world we were increasingly fascinated and involved. It was
a situation where you start to study something and find it more and more
involving and engaging as time passes.
We decited to develope the assigment into a thesis making the first Bubble
BeeHive prototype becoming afterwars beekeepers ourselves.
We tested our prototype with the beekeeper Association in Brescia.

On the basis of the data we collected, we managed to understand which
improvements we should apport to the prototype in order to make it
functional. Thus Bubble Beehive prototype 2.0 was born during èDesign
competition organized by Lombardy Region, succesively exposed at
Salone del Mobile 2015 and at Fuori Salone 2016.

Essentially, Bubble BeeHive is an urban beehive, a bee house to provide
your bees a safe place to live. Beekeeping and Design merge together
giving birth to an unique beehive specially designed for keeping bees in
the city – in your garden, rooftop or terrace – or simply in the countryside.
A beehive where tratition meets innovation making beekeping simple and

Bubble BeeHive works like a traditional beehive. You can find the nest
where bees reside, the supers that play host to the honey deposits and
from which we can have our personal raw organic honey, and all those
elements that make Bubble Beehive functional as a traditional beehive
like: the queen bee excluder, anti-varoa bottom board and the control


Bubble BeeHive is crafted from recyclable PE food-grade printed plastic
with the rotomolding tecnology that allows us to make a dual-layer wall,
like an insulated house, that will preserves perfect internal temperature,
fresh during summer and warm during winter.
Thus, the exclusive design allows us to return to the organic shape ,not
only external but internal too, that bees privileged in nature.


Bubble BeeHive was created with the intention of spreading the important
message about conservation of bees. How can we make it?
We noticed that if we put a normal beehive in our yard, nobody would
come to hear us speak, but if we put something extraordinary there, we
can attract people and talk about how important these little bees are. It is
a free working system for information.
Spreading information while allowing people to begin to keep and
encourage beekeeping, the Bubble Hive is for anyone who wants to also
become a messenger to help save these important insects.

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