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Hyeong Seop, Lee – FRAME – foldable pad

A tool for capturing our memories. There is nothing as distinct as an image that stimulates vision to recall memories. “FRAME” uses analog picture frames as a motif to remind users of their memories As a technical progress is achieved, existing electric lines are disappearing.Because a convient and high functional use is possible.After all, like the concept design ‘FRAME’, the electric products of the future will be flexibly used as appliances with a frame of one entity with a diverse function and wireless.  “FRAME” uses a foldable, working flexible display.  The middle hinge folds to allow for a portable laptop. Also, if you fold the hinge at a certain angle, the interface automatically changes. “FRAME” is a futuristic concept of IT devices that require the use of miniaturized, less heated parts. Inside, we have essential desktop devices, including mainboard, CPU, RAM, VGA, mesh materials on the left and right, and cooling fans. You can also use the USB 3.0 port to connect the mouse.

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