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This powerbank is reminiscent of the classic cable extension reel used in almost every household. The design team of ID AID has reinterpreted this iconic product using latest battery technology…

The POWER EXTENSION is a mobile power outlet: plug in the device, turn it on, that’s it! Cordless electricity can not be easier at home or on the road. The design plays with a formal reference and thus transfers a traditional application into what is possible today with modern batteries.

The PX-01 incorporates state-of-the-art lithium technology, which enables you to take large amounts of power with a small weight and to operate or charge various devices via USB Type C or the mains plug.

The removable handle or stand also allows a comfortable usage on furniture or tables. Charging the PX-01 is done via a short power cord which, once it is no longer in use, can be reeled and stowed under a silicone covering.


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