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João Teixeira – Float

An affordable and flat-packed cat tree with added functionality, like scratching modules and top bed. The design should also blend well with furniture around the house.
Better fit for smaller spaces. Less components, therefore faster and less complex assembling system. Minimal design to balance between functionality, affordability and finishes quality. The design finds its most unique feature by the way its wooden steps are placed, appearing to be floating, while on most solutions available these are often contouring the main wood rod. The wooden rods are turned and then covered with elastic sleeves made out of scratching material (which allows this to be replaced overtime). As for the plywood components everything is CNC milled on the same board, joining two layers for the thicker parts. The top bed is wrapped with felt for a comfier feeling, and scratching material bases are placed on top of the wooden steps to avoid slippy surfaces.
There’s also room to configure the cat tree at one’s own taste by aligning the steps to the desired place before tightening everything. The height can vary by adding or removing wooden sticks. The assembling system is based on threaded pipes and inserts (male and female) which users are familiarized with and being almost tool free.

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