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Pedro Arturo Ruiz – H – SPACE DIVIDER

PERSONAL INTERPRETATIONS SERIALA collective platform and multidisciplinary exercise to create and confirm industry related hypothesis through design projects. We asked ourselves how would it be to produce without a factory and to export design without a transport. The Personal Interpretations collection is our answer to this, each of us explored SERIAL’s manufacturing model ending up with a line-up of products of various complexities following similar design cues. This manufacturing model consists on partnering with FabLabs and makers around the world to produce and sell licensed products with known technologies and local materials* (for this specific piece I used ash wood). H is the largest piece in the collection, purposely taking this model to an extreme. A space divider built using a dynamic H shaped module with and organic yet strict aesthetic. The result is a knotted like structure that plays with light and space casting expressive shadows while letting us see “framed” snapshots of what’s behind it. #MuchLuv to FabLab UANL, Ulises Esquivel, Pablo Alvarado, Jerry Osio, Guillermo Flores, Roberto González, Daniel Aquino, Roberto Rentería.Pictures – Luis Talancón

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