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Sanil Choi – T Pocket-Fi (Y)

T Pocket-Fi (Y)Portable RouterSK Telecom / South Korea, 2016 T Pocket-Fi (Y) is a portable router for a fast and handy outdoor use of internet data with such smart devices as Laptop, Smartphone, and Table PC. Users can use their own internet anywhere and at anytime without inconvenience of finding an outdoor public Wi-Fi and checking a password and the slow speed by multiple user accesses at the same time. Design ConceptT Pocket-Fi (Y) has a metaphor for a small plate when it is put on a desk or a table. When working with a Laptop in real terms, the design has simultaneity of an Electronic Device and an Object for its curved shape where a pen can be put on T Pocket-Fi (Y). The curved shape at the top fits the body in the pocket as a portable element.


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