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Seungwoo Kim – ICE & WATER

ICE+WATER is a convergence product combining a water purifier and an ice maker. Users can immediately get clean drinking water at cold/hot/room temperature as well as pure ice made with purified water. The appearance reflects the key features: water and ice.  


INTUITIVE USABILITY  For ease of use, the front panel design is divided into two: the ice-related functions on the left, and the water-related functions on the right. Thanks to the optimal layout, users can easily recognize and use each function. At a single touch, it dispenses clean drinking water at cold/hot/room temperature as well as pure ice without a delay. The core point of the design was making it easy to use.  


UNIQUE SURFACE INSPIRED BY WATER  Considering it deals with water, the design of the front surface and parting lines were created by reinterpreting natural appearance of the water. The combination of dynamic curves and simple straight lines creates a unique, modern aesthetic that harmonizes well with any kitchen interior.  


DESIGN, REMINISCENT OF CLEAR ICE  The front panel design borrows its design motif from clean ice. The translucent panel, representing the image of clean ice, emphasizes the ice-related functions while makes an elegant impression. Because the most important feature of this product is clean ice-making system, its design highlighted the feature in appearance.  


OPTIMIZED FOR MANUFACTURING  It optimized internal structure to minimize manufacturing costs, and used recycled ABS materials on the internal components to reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact. Through these considerations, it archieved an excellent business model.

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